Heyy, The Names Rance, basicly im a nerd but aren't we all ? and im pretty much Random and Hyper all the time, and i also hav plenty of nicknames the most popular one right now is "Mugger" and my most least fav "Ranch" that a certain someone calls me >->, I Luv anime and Manga, it's pretty much my whole life other than video games, but recently my friends got me into Koreans Singing Groups (Mostly boy bands, ehh but who cares) i only in it for the singing and the dancing lolz and their mostly in it because their "cute, adorable, and Hawt" lolz jk Kinda.. o-o im writing waay too much, but that shouldn't matter since this is blog site sooo watevaaaa weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~


First fog of the year | Nathan Bauman

don’t remove the caption please

(Source: 87km, via vaporhound)

3 hours ago
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